A stack of facilitator cards with Magnet Statements top

The best ideas are
the ones you have with you.

Keep your facilitations fresh and participants engaged. 60 activities that are simple to implement and easy to reach for whether you're planning or in a pinch.

Cards that make it easy to plan,
respond, & improvise.

Use them when you’re making an agenda to integrate creative ways to work with your group. Keep some in your back pocket (literally) for when the unexpected happens.



Easily map out the processing tools and flow you'll use to accomplish your goals. Jot down the activity you're planning on each card. Erase or reorder — flexibility on demand.



When a new need presents itself during a facilitation, choose from your remaining cards to react accordingly. Give your group the power to help steer the ship.



Have an hour left that you weren't expecting? Did your ideation activity fall flat on its face? No worries! Shuffle the deck. Choose another card.

For Co-Facilitating

Sharing a common language and a comprehensive set of tools, you can seamlessly work alongside other facilitators. Whether it's your first time teaming up or the thousandth.

Pick the perfect
tool for the job.

Find what you need fast and easy. Facilitator Cards are categorized according to the major parts of a facilitation. Whether it’s to surface emotions, brainstorm ideas, dig into the nitty gritty, or help groups make decisions, Facilitator Cards have got you covered.



Surfacing thoughts, feelings, reactions, and predispositions



Forming, generating, and brainstorming ideas and concepts



Distilling, pinpointing, getting to the bottom, finding common ground



Decision-making, planning, strategizing, directing

+ More than a tool,
a community.

When you buy Facilitator Cards you become part of our community of facilitators and receive resources & support to help you thrive.
From virtual facilitation guides, to meeting strategies, and exclusive trainings just for card-carriers.
It’s all included and made just for you.

Resources that come with every deck of Facilitator Cards