Come Join the August Brain Jam: Airtable for Facilitators

For the last 8 months, every Brain Jam we’ve explored a new tool, technique, or technology that we can use to enhance our facilitations when we are facilitating.

But as we all know, the technology we use when we’re in the room (or the Zoom) isn’t all that goes into being a facilitator. RSVPs, feedback forms, resource lists, surveys, and keeping track of all our brilliant ideas is all vital to our work.

That’s why this month we’re exploring Airtable, a technology we use to manage almost all our data here at Facilitator Cards. Every RSVP (including the one to sign up for the Brain Jam) is powered by Airtable. It’s how we tracked all our ideas for Facilitator Cards (including the cards themselves), put together our monthly mailer, understand production timelines, you name it.

If you’re currently using Google Forms, create RSVPs for events, manage spreadsheets, create resource lists or directories, use online feedback forms or surveys, this Brain Jam is for you.

Join our August Brain Jam on Airtable for Facilitators on August 4th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST. This Brain Jam is totally free just RSVP!

🎟 RSVP for this Brain Jam 🎟

For the August Brain Jam we’re going to explore you how you can use Airtable to:

  • Build professional RSVP’s that not only look better than a Google Form but that you can use over and over again
  • Build forms (questionnaires, surveys, feedback forms, suggestion boxes) that are fast to make and alert you when they’ve been completed
  • Create beautiful, shareable, sortable resource lists and databases (that are basically instant mini websites–for free!)

Brain Jams run in a 60/60 format.

We’ll dig into the ways we use Airtable in our facilitation practice and explore how you can use Airtable to streamline your work in the first hour. The second hour of the Brain Jam (which is totally optional) will be more time to build and explore how to apply Airtable to your current projects, more advanced features and integrations, and time for you to start integrating it into your work.

A Brain Jam on a ‘supped up spreadsheet’ might not sound like a party, but knowing you’ll never accidentally destroy your data when you try to sort or how you can build a resource website with a spreadsheet it is the type of party we are here for.

Hope to see you there!


p.s. If you want to sign up for Airtable to give it a check out, if you use this special sign up code and Airtable will give us $10 in credit for your signing up (even when you sign up for free!)

p.p.s. We are not affiliated or sponsored by Airtable (though if you’re reading this Airtable, give us a shout!) We just think it’s a mega-cool tool that we are excited to share with you.

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