Intro to the Facilitator Cards Blog

We’re going to be using this blog as a platform to talk about a few things: the creation of the Facilitator Cards, how we (and others, and you) are using them, and other facilitation & training resources we feel compelled to share.

Beyond being a home to the cards themselves, our goal for this site is to serve as a gallery of related resources. Everything that falls into that bucket will be introduced on the blog.

Right now, at the moment I’m writing this, however, the blog is blank. Other than this post. Because the cards haven’t been created yet. And nobody is using them. So there aren’t any related resources we can share (obvs).

But all that will be changing in the coming months.

Each day, we’re inching a little closer. Today, for example, I built out the blog functionality on this site. Gotta have a blog if we’re going to tell you about the other things, right?

As the project develops, I’ll update this post, and we’ll write new ones. Some things we hope to write about:

  • The story of how Facilitator Cards came to be
  • How we designed & (eventually, hopefully) manufactured the Facilitator Cards
  • Who we’re making this stuff for: the types of facilitators & trainers we have in mind
  • Different ways we use Facilitator Cards (and different ways you do)
  • Training tools and facilitator resources we love
  • New expansions we’ve created and added to the site

If you’d like to read about that stuff, subscribe to the blog.

You can view our blog’s RSS feed here (if you’re the kinda person who knows what an RSS feed is), or just click here for email updates when there are new posts (free for you, free for us, everyone’s happy).

We’ll have news gradually over the coming months, and this will be where we share it (no plans for a Facebook Page or Twitter Profile).

Until next time,

Co-creator, Facilitator Cards
Co-author, **Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation**
Co-facilitator, Faciltating.XYZ

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