Facilitator Training For Managers and Directors

Whether it’s meeting with your team or leading an all-hands, running effective meetings that make people feel vital, valued, and included is an essential skill as a leader. And yet it’s one that people rarely get any training or support in learning how to do well.

Facilitator Training for Managers and Directors is focused on giving your leadership team the ability to transition from talking at people to talking with people and facilitating their teams talking to each other.

In this training, we will…

  • Understand how to create an environment that will allow and encourage more participation during meetings
  • Practice building meeting agendas and work through specific scenarios, including how to facilitate challenging conversations
  • Gain familiarity with different frameworks and methods for brainstorming, decision making, and other common meeting priorities

You’ll then be able to…

  • Run highly participatory meetings
  • Identify what is best as a presentation and when to shift towards interactive sessions
  • Understand how to surface emotions, generate ideas, and make decisions without power dynamics interfering
  • Encourage discussion, manage debate, and ensure important questions are addressed
  • Use meetings to increase camaraderie and create cohesion

Who’s this for?

This is for organizations who want to increase their leadership’s abilities to lead effective gatherings, whether that’s meetings, onboarding, all-hands, or other sessions. Whether they’re leading them online, hybrid, or in-person, understanding how to facilitate a session inclusively and effectively can make a world of difference to the culture of every team and organization.


This training is offered as a 2-hour, 3.5-hour, or full-day course. A cohort model is also available.

The full-day training may be in-person, hybrid, or online. All shorter trainings are only available online.

The ideal group size for each training is 10-25 people. Smaller and larger groups can be accommodated upon request.

All participants in every facilitator training will receive a deck of Facilitator Cards and the training always includes how to effectively integrate Facilitator Cards frameworks into their work.

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