12 Free Facilitation Tools to Boost Your Creativity

No need to wait for the preorder: you can start using Facilitator Cards today.

We put together a Preview Pack to give you a sense of what Facilitator Cards are all about. In it, you’ll find everything you need to incorporate Facilitator Cards into your planning:

  • 12 do-it-yourself cards with facilitation tools to help your participants emote, ideate, clarify, and execute.
  • An instruction manual for using the cards (explaining the theory behind them, and giving you some example use cases)
  • 4 chapters from the forthcoming Facilitation Guide with detailed write-ups walking you through several of the processes
  • Directions for printing the cards yourself (or getting them printed locally)
  • Everything comes as a binder-friendly 8.5"x11” .PDF, uncopyrighted, and yours to use however you’d like

It’s not everything.

The preview pack only includes easy-to-use 3 activities from each category. The full deck will have 14 unique activities within each category (plus a blank “create your own facilitator card” for each).

And the preview pack only includes 4 chapters of the Facilitation Guide. The full version will have a chapter for every activity structure in the deck, explaining in detail how to use it, where it shines, where it doesn’t, when to choose another card instead, and how to pair it with other cards in the deck. We’ll also go more in-depth into the theory behind the cards, making decisions, and structuring sequences of activities.

But it’s plenty to get you started!

It’s not a nibble that leaves you hungrier than you were when you started – an un-amuse-ing-bouche. It’s a full meal.

By that I mean we’re not “teasing” the real thing. This is the real thing. A bundle of inspiration and support that will come in handy as you’re planning your next facilitation, collaborating with a co-facilitator, or responding to something unexpected that comes up with a group. (Enough to change the game for you, if you’re up for game-changing)

Print these cards. Tuck them into your tool belt. Whip ‘em out when you need em. And tell us what you think!

We’d love to hear from you how we can make this Preview Pack – and, in turn, the Facilitator Cards themselves – better. For you. For the types of facilitation you’re doing, the ways you’re using them, and/or the ways you want to use the in the future.

There’s info in the Preview Pack that tells you how to tell us all that, so I’ll end with one more repeat of that link.

I hope you find them as useful as we do. And I look forward to hearing how we can improve!

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