One day, not so long ago, a pair of co-facilitators had gotten themselves into trouble. Their three-day training was just one week away, and they learned their plan wouldn’t work and they didn’t have time to get the information they needed to make a new plan. (Oh no!) What were they going to do?‌

They would have to create the training as it happened, using each activity to plan the next. It was a big challenge.

To prepare, they thought hard about every activity and process they had ever facilitated or participated in. Then they wrote each one down on an index card. And they brought a whole stack with them to facilitate the training. It was a great success! (Hooray!)

For years, Meg & Sam continued remaking these cards, even when they weren’t in trouble. The cards helped them be creative and made planning new facilitations easy and fun.

Then Sam had an idea. What if these were real cards? What if we made them beautiful, indestructible, and reusable? Sam started researching what it would take, then got to designing the cards. Meg thought it was a great idea and was excited to help. And Facilitator Cards were born!