At Facilitator Cards we believe that facilitation can change the world. By focusing on the moments when we bring people together to collaborate, work, and learn we can create game-changing opportunities for connection and transformational work.

We envision a world in which those moments become ones where good work gets done. The art of facilitation can feel nebulous, and Facilitator Cards is dedicated to demystifying the magic.

When you start thinking beyond the “what” of the content and move towards thinking about the “how” you open up possibilities that would have never come to mind before. We make the how apparent and easy to implement.

Facilitating is something that everyone should know they can learn and improve. We provide the tools, trainings, and information that unlocks the magic of facilitation.

The Cards

Facilitator Cards are a box of frameworks that you can use to run any meeting, training, or workshop. No matter what group size you’re working with, the content you’re teaching, or your level of facilitation experience, Facilitator Cards make it easier to do your best work. These are tried and true activities that were distilled from over twenty years of facilitation experience, organized and designed mindfully to allow facilitators to make quick and creative decisions.

We made them cards (instead of online databases or books) because they’re easy to look through, you can pull them out at any moment and easily sort, organize, and find ideas without getting distracted by tech or overwhelmed by information. Pop them on your desk so they’re easy to reach for—no wifi, subscription, or login information necessary!

Our Trainings

We ❤️ the act of learning together, and find that teaching facilitation is best done by bringing people together to not only learn about theory, but see facilitation in action. All of our trainings are related to improving your practice as a facilitator, leader, or manager who wants that work to go even better.

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We train groups both online and in person, with sessions ranging from one-hour to multi-day retreats, specializing in facilitation around:

  • difficult conversations and navigating conflict
  • heated political discussions
  • Social Justice Education

Click here for a list of all the trainings we currently have on offer. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Reach out to us at hello@facilitator.cards to discuss custom curriculums!

All of our trainings are rooted in our approach. We will teach you how to use the cards and apply them to your work and circumstances, and you’ll get to learn about facilitation on multiple levels—experiencing facilitation by learning about the content, by doing processes, and by analyzing the experience itself.

Who We Are

We are a small team of folks based in Vermont led by professional facilitator (and facilitation geek), Meg Bolger.

We’re a B-Corp, which means we’ve gone through a rigorous process to ensure that our company is structured to be a social and environmental benefit to our community and the world.

Throughout all the levels of our company, we carefully consider our actions and impact, and we aim to be the company we wish to see in the world.

From our Deal Me In scholarships, to the people we partner with to offset our carbon, to offering accessible community events, we think deeply and care about improving our community and consider all of the ethics that go into running this business in a way that honors our work.

Meet Meg!

Meg Bolger is a longtime Social Justice educator and facilitator. Meg has been training professionals on facilitation for over a decade and loves working with both seasoned and brand-new facilitators who are passionate about their craft.

Meg is the co-author of Unlocking The Magic of Facilitation, co-founder of Facilitating XYZ, and co-creator of The Safe Zone Project. To find out even more about Meg’s work, check out megbolger.com

Meg was one of those people who at the beginning of the pandemic thought she hated online workshops but has grown to appreciate it as its own medium and experience, becoming a champion for good online sessions being possible (turns out she’s a tech nerd too!).

Through her YouTube, she aims to reach even more folks who would be helped by facilitation, while also getting to make videos about all of the tech that happens behind the scenes to create the ✨Zoom Magic✨ that participants always appreciate during her sessions. Her favorite session to run each month is Card Sharks, where she gets to connect with people who have Facilitator Cards and teach them all about the power and philosophy that went into every deck.

Wanna geek out about the nuances of facilitation with us? Follow us on Instagram, YouTube, or drop us an email at hello@facilitator.cards