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Welcome! Here you will find posts about Facilitation & Training Resources, Using Facilitator Cards (how-tos, theory, sequences, etc.), and About the Cards themselves (how they're made, how they came to be, expansions and updates, etc.).

Using AhaSlides for Virtual Facilitation: Canning the Brain Jam

What roles can live polling software play in a Zoom meeting? Turns out, a bunch!

RSVP for our Facilitator Brain Jam: Using AhaSlides for Virtual Facilitation

Join us as we crowdsource creative ways to use live polling to enhance Zoom meetings.

Using MURAL for Virtual Facilitation: Canning the Brain Jam

We surfaced dozens of facilitator challenges we're facing, and wise-crowds-ed solutions.

Join Our First Facilitator Brain Jam: Using Mural for Virtual Facilitation

We're bringing facilitators together to explore new digital tools and crowdsource creative ways to use these tools in our facilitation.

Modifying In-Person Activities for Virtual Facilitation

From the digital tools you'll need, to the questions to ask yourself as you're rewriting your agendas, here's a great place to start if you're transitioning from physical rooms to Zoom.

Facilitating On-Camera: A Jumpstart into Video-Based Facilitation

Are you struggling for ways to connect groups during the pandemic? Don’t know your Zooms from your Hangouts? Have you never before considered the roles of lighting or microphones in your work?

Why Are These So Expensive?

A response to a comment on our Kickstarter, and explanation of what went into the price of the Facilitator Cards.

How to Facilitate Magnet Statements

A preview chapter from the Facilitator Cards Facilitation Guide

My Essential (Tiny) Facilitator Kit

The items that always make my facilitation packing list

Why I See Facilitation as Essential to Living Social Justice

There are lots of ways we can engage groups in learning. This one just happens to be inherently equitable and just.

Get Un-Stuck in Your Facilitation Planning

5 Strategies to help when you’re drawing a blank and wondering if you’ll ever have a creative idea again.

Facilitation Sequence: Magnet Statements + 5 Whys

A pairing of activities to help you better understand your group, help them understand each other, and to dig into what is bubbling under the surface.

Adding Modularity to Your Facilitation Planning

One small change you can make for big creativity & flexibility.

My Go-To Facilitation Rider

After years of back-and-forths, these are the facilitator supplies I ask every client to provide for maximum flexibility.

12 Free Facilitation Tools to Boost Your Creativity

For your convenience: Meet the Facilitator Cards Preview Pack

How to Pick the Right Activity: Ask yourself what it's for

Group size and energy levels matter, of course, but those need to come second to this.

Goodbye Dry Erase. Hello Wet Erase.

We planned for the cards to be dry erase. After testing our prototype, we realized how bad of a plan that was.

Changing the Game

How I gradually made my facilitations more about my participants than my plan.

The Questions We Asked Every Potential Manufacturer

We're trying to make and ship a physical product that's high quality, ethical, and sustainable.

Intro to the Facilitator Cards Blog

Let's start with a little housekeeping: framing the blog, instructions for where to find things, and our intended outcomes.