The Facilitator Cards Gift Guide for Facilitator Gear

It’s officially giving season and who doesn’t need a few more pieces of gear for your facilitator box! For our fellow facilitation geeks, we wanted to put together & share a few of our favorite pieces of gear for facilitation.

We tried to keep our list to just things that we use all the time, but we included a few that are on our wishlist too!

We’re rounding up any Black Friday deals & discounts on these products over on our Twitter, so check the thread to see what you can save on!

So without further ado:

Facilitator Gear We ♥️


Put simply, these are our favorite tool for facilitators — new or seasoned. We use them to plan every single session we run and they are beloved by thousands of facilitators in 25+ countries! Our favorite cards we’ve ever created 😉.

And you can snag these beauties for $60 through the end of November! Just use code BLACKFRIDAY for a 20% discount!


Put your facilitator hat on! We make this joke all the time, so we finally made the hat. They’re comfy, they’re made to order, and they are a physical version of an inside joke. Know who your people are immediately — anybody who likes this hat is a facilitator.


One of our all-time favorite ways to wrap up an in-person event. Have people connect their body to their mind while having something squishy to hold (oddly enough, that makes people more likely to share!).


Brilliant icebreaker questions for when you’re feeling uncreative and really cool/subtle ways to get to know who is in the room. One of our favorite kick-offs to in-person events is handing out these cards and doing a few question slots.


Asking people to share how they’re feeling & thinking through a visual metaphor invites people to share more freely and often gets the people who are hesitant to share to open up to the group. Plus! They come with a virtual version for use online.

FACILITATORGEAR.COM (prices vary) is a new website where you can find reviews of… you guessed is facilitator gear! Including cards, games, and more. It’s where Facilitator Geeks get to find new things and review the things they love. Check out all the options & insightful reviews over on!


This is the first one on our wishlist and it’s been there a long time. Catchbox is a microphone you can literally throw around the audience to hear back from your participants (throw me the mic!). We’ve never been more excited about a microphone and it’s been a classic all these years for a reason.

SERIOUS PLAY SETS BY LEGO (kits range from $36.99 to $789.99)

The second thing on our wishlist has been there since childhood. Except now we’re playing for reals. There is a whole world of facilitators who specialize in Lego Serious Play facilitation and after talking to a few, I’m sold.

These perfect little pouches to hand out to participants so they can build & create with LEGO. Taking visual metaphors and externalizing your ideas to a whole new level.

We hope you’ve gotten some new ideas for your toolbox! We’re excited to hear how you put them to work. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and until next time, happy facilitating!

Meg & the Facilitator Cards Team

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