The Facilitator Cards Gift Guide for Facilitator Books

It’s officially giving season! For our fellow facilitators, we wanted to put together & share a few of our favorite books when it comes to facilitation and the facilitator mindset.

We will be linking to the books GoodReads page, and encourage everyone to support their local independent bookstore this holiday season!

(Can’t make it to your local store? Check out Powell’s to support a local indie in Portland, Oregon!)

Our Recommendations:

The Art Of Gathering by Priya Parker

When so many facilitators learn without any formal training, it’s so nice to have a book that makes insights we pick up along the way explicit and codified. Perfect for anyone who wants to go from just ‘running’ to ‘facilitating’ events of any kind.

Teaching To Transgress by bell hooks

Whether you’re a social justice educator or a facilitator who wants be working in a paradigm for a more beautiful world, this is a read that will make you feel deeply seen. The subtitle says what it’s all about, “Education as a practice of freedom.”

Unlocking The Magic Of Facilitation by Sam Killerman and Meg Bolger

We spent years running train-the-trainers and wishing that we had a resource to share everything we didn’t get to with participants. So we wrote one! Eleven chapters on key concepts of facilitation. Beloved by educators, trainers, and facilitators alike.

Visual Meetings by David Sibbet

Visual Meetings is a great starting place for anyone who’s been curious about visual facilitation or graphic recording. The book provides everything from inspiration for when you’d use these techniques to concrete advice on how to start drawing.

Serious Fun by Mark Collard

Mark Collard may be one of the most fun, upbeat, and energetic facilitators that we know and he’s managed to distill his magic sauce down into a book that’s a quick read that will make anyone a better facilitator. BONUS he reads the audiobook!

We hope you’ve gotten some reccs to add to your reading list (or wish list!)! Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Meg & the Facilitator Cards Team

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