Join our November Brain Jam: Navigating Triggers as a Facilitator

Have you ever had something happen in facilitation that completely threw you off? Sent you into an emotional spiral or took over your mind making you no longer present for your group? Have you ever reacted to a participant, rolling your eyes in disbelief, or said something you later regretted?

If so, you’ve probably experienced being triggered as a facilitator.

As facilitators, we’re in a uniquely tricky position being responsible for holding the space for the emotional well-being of a group while having our own emotions and realities to navigate.

Our November Brain Jam is all about how we can navigate our triggers as facilitators. We are going to go over different strategies we can use both before we get in the room and in the moment to better respond when triggers arise.



This Brain Jam will take place on Zoom in 60/60 format which means the first hour will be devoted to understanding the two models that can help us break down what happens when we’re triggered and the other for what options we have available to us when we get triggered.

The second hour is going to be time for deeper questions, conversations, and connections and is totally optional.

This session is designed specifically for folks who run and lead workshops, meetings, and training who want to learn how to stay present with their group when triggers arise.

I started my journey as a facilitator doing Social Justice facilitation, which allowed me to accumulate a wealth of knowledge on triggers. We’ll go over how to identify triggers for ourselves and how we can best navigate those moments (while keeping our facilitator hats on)!

Questions, comments, concerns? Email us at and we’ll get right back to you!

Hope to see you there!


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