Join our June Brain Jam: Emergent & Responsive Facilitation

Calling all Card Carriers, you are officially invited to join our June Brain Jam on Emergent Facilitation with Facilitator Cards, happening Wednesday June 2nd at 12pm PT (3pm ET, 8pm BST). RSVP here.

For more info, read on!

First! A Story: The Origin of Facilitator Cards

Facilitator Cards all started with an unplanned adventure with emergent facilitation.

Sam and I were facilitating a two-day train-the-trainer workshop and about ten days out, we got off a call with the folks who were bringing us in and realized we were in trouble. The group was not at all what we had thought and therefore the training we had planned would no longer work.

It was too late to go back to the drawing board with our contacts, so instead we prepared by writing every facilitation process we knew down on index cards: Pair Share, Opposite Thinking, Frequently Asked Questions, etc. We went into a two-day training with our stack of index cards and built the curriculum 90 minutes at a time.

We huddled together at the 15 minute breaks and at lunch and picked out what processes we hadn’t used yet and figured out what the group needed next.


A few years later, that happy accident turned into Facilitator Cards, and that adventure of emergently facilitating, of building a curriculum as you go, totally transformed what I thought was possible in a facilitation.

What are Brain Jams?

Brain Jams are monthly Facilitator Card events where we bring together folks in our community of facilitators to explore a new tool, technology, or topic related to facilitation with the goal of deepening connections to each other and our work.

Brain Jams are always free and happen on the first Wednesday of every month at 12pm PT (3pm ET, 8pm BST).

Our June Brain Jam

This Brain Jam is all about how we, as facilitators, can feel more prepared and ready to emergently facilitate. Whether that’s because you’re writing the entire curriculum as you go OR because your plan for the second half of the workshop isn’t working, this workshop is all about how we can lay down the road as we’re driving on it.

To do it, we’ll anchor ourselves to our Facilitator Cards and explore how we can use these tools to help support us in those adventurous moments of (almost too much) possibility.

The first hour of the Brain Jam will be unpacking emergent facilitation, figuring out how we can use our Facilitator Cards to support our emergent facilitation dreams, and working through some challenges as a group.

The second hour (optional) will be for more active experimentation and deeper dives, and will serve as an open playground for the facilitators who stick around.

Requirements for the Brain Jam

This Brain Jam is open to all who have a deck of Facilitator Cards. If you do not yet have a deck of Facilitator Cards, there is the option to DIY yourself a deck - just reach out to for more info on that!

Other than that, you simply need to bring yourself and a willingness to participate and adventure, and to fill out this RSVP to get all the log-in deets.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Let us know at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Hope to see you at the Brain Jam!

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